Natural IS Beautiful

Today I’m going to share something very personal to me. Something that I have gone through and something that has helped make me feel beautiful in a natural way.

I have Graves disease as well as Hyper thyroid. Regardless of what doctors say God is working in me. The great Physician and He will do a miracle. I’m already doing so much better thanks to Him!

Well when I was first finding this out I was losing a lot of hair. That didn’t help with self-esteem. If I showered it would come out in clumps. I  heard people complain about my hair falling out..calling it thin and straggly…As a girl It was depressing..

I ended up cutting it into a short bob. Eight inches of thin hair was cut. I donated what I had to Pantene for woman with breast cancer. That was completely worth it and highly recommend for anyone who wants to cut their hair!

Surprisingly the short hair wasn’t bad on me. It was cute. But I always thought about growing it out again. I missed braiding my hair so much.

When God brought my husband into my life things changed. My health got better and my spirits lifted. He makes me feel beautiful everyday. He makes me see what he sees in me. Not one day has he gone without calling me beautiful. I’m very blessed and he has greatly helped me to be more comfortable in my own skin. That has helped the most. My supportive loving husband.

I started oiling my hair a few months before we got married. Trying to get it longer so I could curl it.  Just basic coconut oil. Than bumped it up to tea tree and jojoba. It was okay. Occasionally would irritate my scalp line though. My hair was soft but I wasnt getting the results I wanted.

Now my husband has heard me talk non stop about a company I LOVE. Theinnatelife. I had been wanting so long to try it.

When our first Christmas came my husband bought me their Holiday Hair Bundle. He knew it meant a lot to me. It came with their Rose Hair Elixir (I use on tips of my hair), the Herbal hair mask (middle to tips of my scalp_2oz_2_1024x1024hair) and the Hydration scalp treatment (scalp only).

The smile still has not faded and I talk about my oils from them at least once a day to my husband. Maybe more haha.

Theinnatelife is a 100 percent all natural and all toxic free company. With their products containing up to 15 plant base oils. The ingredients are everything I’ve ever wanted to give my hair the moisture and vitamins it needs.

I am not doing this post because I was made to. I truly LOVE this company. And will never blog about products I’m not passionate about.

Since using it my hair has gotten incredibly thicker. By a ton! And my hair is right under my shoulder blades and growing quickly.

The smell feels like I’m spoiling myself. No joke a spa every day kind of feeling. I use the oils almost every night either for a gradual oiling or a deep oiling. But I’ve come to the point where I need even just a few drops on the ends of my hair for me to get a good sleep. The smell is that relaxing!! Like essential oils that benefit the hair!

I know this post is much longer than my usual posts but I want to just list some of their ingredients so you can see what I’m talking about:

“Rose Essential Oil keeps hair moisturized and hydrates dry, damaged & brittle hair.”

“Sea Buckthorn Oil. It’s extremely rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, B, E & K that are necessary for promoting healthy hair. ”

“Rosehip Oil is extremely rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and E that protect the hair against sun damage.”

That’s only taking three ingredients from the Rose Elixir. But it also contains oils like Black Cumin Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil, even Argan oil!

I’m including a link to their ingredients list if any of you want to check it out more.

I also just started rubbing excess products into my nails. It’s to amazing to waste! I’m seeing a huge benefit since doing that.

I’m so grateful for this company. I’m passionate about their products because my hair has soaked in the benefits.

Maybe some of you have faced a similar problem. It can get embarrassing. That’s why I’m sharing. It’s natural and I don’t want anyone feeling the way I did.

If any of you are interested I was able to contact them and Theinnatelife was so generous! They made a special 15 percent off coupon code for you guys!!! That’s exciting. Coupon is: HolisticBeautyy.

They now ship international which is huge as well. I was reading comments and many were waiting for that to happen. Glad more people can experience the natural beauty treatment. And remember a little goes a long way!

Dont forget to like and comment down below. And as always have a beautiful holistic day ❤

“You are naturally beautiful when you are yourself”- unknown


*These products were purchased by my husband and all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. 🙂





13 thoughts on “Natural IS Beautiful

    1. Yes! I definetly think it’s a much safer natural solution to try. I have heard through some research that the other stuff can have a lot of health risks to it. Natural is better in my opinion. Chemical free. 😌

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    1. Aw sorry about the scent being a bit strong for you. Im actually obsessed with the smell lol.

      The scalp treatment and the hair mask to me smells like a nice herbal tea. Personally I recommend if you want to try them out but are sensitive to the smell..maybe use very very small amounts. The more you use the more powerful the fragrance.

      Even for the rose hair elixer. Have you tried literally one or two drops only on your ends? A little goes a really long way!

      Hope that helps😌❤

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