A Second Chance

“Every day is a second chance.” ~ Unknown

Have you ever had a bad day? Where everything you did and said was like an awful domino effect of catastrophe.

One thing after another happens and sometimes you just feel like the day needs to be over before it even started.

I think if we all are honest with each other we all have had these days. How we handle and grow from it are the key to good days. Growing from everything.

Isn’t it wonderful when you’re given a second chance? Sometimes I need a third and a fourth chance.

Yesterday’s problems are old news and today can be better. Tomorrow no longer matters and you focus on today only. Right now is all that is guaranteed.

Everything in life depends how you look at it. Yesterday didn’t go so well? Today things are going to change.

You have the power to control your mindset, you have the ability to decide how you are going to react to something and you have the opportunity of a second chance. Take it.

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