(Closed) Mountaineer Brand/ Huge Giveaway!!!!

Big beautiful beards! Ran out of butter? Use beard oil. Ladies take notes as I think I’ve finally discovered what a great gift for the men in our lives with beards. And this post could not be at a more perfect time with Valentine’s Day so close.

I have been wanting my husband to grow out his beard the moment I met him. Beards are something I find oh so attractive on my guy. It’s sexyyyy. What more can I say? 😉

For the longest time my husband kept cutting it down short. It was itchy and bothering him. The irritation wasn’t worth it. Every time I heard the razor I cringed and he knew it.

After oiling my hair non stop with theinnatelife my talk about oils grew. Soon I reeled him in like a fish curious about the hook. He was hooked soon before he realized. Yay!

One night I look over and for the first time EVER he’s looking for natural beard oils. Well oh did my heart rejoice and the smile grew. Nothing like when your spouse starts sharing the same interests as you.

He stumbled upon an all natural company called Mountaineer Brand. Their promise is no chemicals, no fragrance, no compromise! The simplicity of their products and quality is amazing! He was immediately engaged.

Mountaineer Brand was very generous and upon receiving products from them my husband has been using them every day!

As always all opinions are honest and wouldn’t be posted here If I didn’t believe in them. So after a few days of my husband using the products I sat down yesterday and asked him some honest questions on what he thinks.

The beard kit my husband tried out is called the Complete Beard Care Kit: Original.

It comes with the following:

4 oz WV Timber beard wash

2 oz WV Timber beard oil- greatest 06_beard_care_kit_original_white_grandeobsession

2 oz tin of Magic Beard Balm

Military-Style Beard Brush Also my husbands new greatest obsession!

Since using the beard oil its been a few days and he says there is absolutely no more irritation. His skin isn’t at all scratchy anymore and he no longer feels the need to claw at his face. Meaning his beard gets to finally grow out!

His beard hair was very tough and dry before. Since using Mountaineer products not only does his beard smell good it’s so much softer!

The shampoo for the beard he has been enjoying. He noticed his facial hair very “fluffy” after use. He likes how well it lathers up too. And I get a good giggle as it turns him into Santa with foam all over his face.

Now this is huge but my husband is neck in neck between two favorites. The beard oil and the brush! I have never seen my husband take so many trips to the bathroom just to brush his beard.

He loves it! It makes it manageable to style down any fly away hairs. He likes being able to brush the oil into his beard. Really getting every hair moisturized.

The beard balm is great. To me it has a very citrus smell. Where as the other products smell of pine. All very mild and manly which he likes.

My husband did say he wished the beard balm was in stick form rather than tin. If it was a roll on the size a bit bigger than chapstick he could apply much easier.

I agree with that statement. They also foot_rub_and_lip_balm_grandesent me some of their lip balms, foot rub and hand salve to test out. So sweet. I personally like applying through a tube rather than touching the products. Some people do just prefer the tins though.

The balm is small enough where my husband brings it with him to work now. A great touch up for softness throughout the day!

Now Mountaineer Brand was extremely generous! They wanted to give back and do a massive giveaway right here on Holisticbeautyy!!

One winner will receive: One full beard kit. Each comes with the oil, shampoo, balm and bristle brush. Their Granny Vicars Infant + Baby Care Trio set.  Two tin lip balms. One in cherry and one in peppermint. And even one Granny Vicars foot rub and one Granny Vicars hand salve!!!

This is a HUGE giveaway on their behalf. All natural amazing products that you can actually benefit from. I love how they have products for the entire family. Everyone can be included in following their natural company and the giveaway!


First you must make sure you are a follower of my blog of course!

Second you have to go over to their Facebook and make sure to follow them: https://m.facebook.com/mountaineerbrand

Lastly comment down below on why you would love to win these products!

The giveaway will start today and end in two weeks. On February 6, 2017 ( Now Extended!!!! February 16th) is when it will close up. I will than pick a winner and be in contact with that person. If I can’t reach them within 5 days I will pick a different winner.

This will be a lot of fun and you should all definitely participate in the giveway! Tell your family. Reblog it. Spread the word. ❤

Now closed***



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