A Garden Of Chocolate

Simplicity. The small simple things that fill you with joy and contentment. Everyone discovers something different, but today I bring forth a new discovery.

Chocolate. Not just regular chocolate. Chocolate made with flower elixers & flower remedies. Chocolate that is guilt free because it’s good for the body and mind.

I’m talking about Wei of Chocolate. Imagine a piece of dark chocolate that was meant for so many if not all. Vegan, diary free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free. Chocolate with actual benefits.health_benefits_of_chocolate_849550df-5d83-4e25-8f56-f07d6e7a210c_1024x1024The entire point of Wei of Chocolate is taking a moment for yourself. Two minutes in a day to pop a little healthy chocolate goodness in your mouth. Erasing problems in your mind and focusing on the flavor. A completely relaxing oh so spoiling moment! Who doesn’t like spa moments?

My husband and I have been testing out the chocolate. And we have our favorites above others. There is one that blew my husband and I away. It tasted like lavender. We both agreed we had never tasted chocolate like it before.

The packaging of each chocolate feels like little treasures each time you unwrap one. So luxurious.

Anyone who is into flower essences or just a lover of chocolate than Wei of Chocolate is a great unique option.

I must warn you though. It’s really hard to fight the urge to bite the chocolate. Will you be able to take the challenge of taking two minutes to let it melt? Or better question will you give yourself that relaxing time. You deserve it!

Lisa, was so sweet and she made a coupon code for Holisticbeautyy! Use code HB for 15% off any one-time purchase (good till 2/28/17) or 20% off an on-going subscription.

*All opinions are honest and of my own. I only blog about products I am passionate about.

Comment down below your favorite kind of chocolate!


7 thoughts on “A Garden Of Chocolate

    1. What an absolute sweet heart. Thank you very much for your kindness and for thinking of me. If my voice can make a difference to only one than it was all worth it. Have a beautiful holistic day❤

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