Bridges Over Trials

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”- Jim Rohn.

Nothing in life comes without bridges and hills. Trials will face us. We have to make that decision to conquer through them. To aim for our desires and goals no matter how hard it gets.

Goals give a purpose and makes you feel like you are moving towards positive things in life. Goals keep life fresh.

One goal I have is to build my muscles. Gaining strength and getting it in a natural way through exercise.

When your muscles are stretching and pulling it hurts. The kind of pain that makes you think it’s much easier to just sit on the couch. But there has to be that moment of getting through the pain. Without some pain that muscle can’t grow new muscle. Stronger and bigger. Without motivation to press through the valley of soreness there is no achievement.

Whatever your goal is be proud of yourself for having one. Be even prouder of yourself for keeping it. And no matter what push through anything that would stop it. Because all goals have bridges over trials.


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