Natural Skin Care

Okay are you ready to avoid a beauty post full of chemicals with pretty packaging? If you’re looking for a glittery skin care smelling like cotton candy well I can’t help you there. It goes against what I believe in.

This is a natural simple skin care that really works for me. Didn’t your mom ever say to you,” Less is more”? Well if you have never heard it before I’m here to share the news.
If you ask me for my skin routine I’m sure you would expect me to list 10 products at least. That seems to be a trend right? List hundreds of skin products that cost way too much.

I’ve come up with a simple affordable skin care that seems to cover it all.

So you may want to sit back for this one. You may be shocked!

Here is my skin routine.

1: Raw Honey (with a slight pinch of turmeric mixed in) I use Eco Bee Farms rh2Honey. Online sale price at Vitacost 6.57 for 22oz jar!

2: Kiss my face soap ( that I only use once a week on my face) pack of three much better deal for 5.99.

3: And…oh wait that’s it!! Nothing else.

You want something antibacterial for acne? You want something packed full of antioxidants for youth? Something that pulls gunk out of the pores? Do you reallyyy want to keep your skin soft and hydrated?

Raw honey has been proven to do all of that. Yes it needs to be raw. What I do is take about a spoon full or two depending if I’m doing my entire face or just main trigger spots.

Most of the time I take ground up turmeric and like to add just a light pinch or two. Not enough to stain my face when washed off, but enough to soak in the beauty benefits.

Turmeric is the earth’s natural ibuprofen. Fighting against scars and inflammation. Tumeric has been proven to fight wrinkles and control oily skin.

While turmeric is optional in the honey mask I highly suggest not leaving it out. I do this mask about twice a week after a shower while my pores are open. Wipe off after about 20 minutes with ice-cold water to close those pores up

Now what was that soap I mentioned? Well for the last few months I didn’t 904735_c59e8096127345c5b7981a7c817484b6-mv2even use soap on my face. Just warm water in the shower. Worked like a charm. Other soaps always seemed to clog my pores and over time build up gunk and oils.

With summer coming close there is one soap I trust to wash my face with to get rid of the sweat from a nice day of fun in the sun.

Kiss My Face is an all natural soap made in the Mediterranean orchards without any parabens, phthalates, artificial colors or additives!! Made with 86 percent olive oil this soap is packed with skin goodness.

No I still do not use soap on my face daily. My skin does much better this way! Too much of anything is never good. Just for those days I need an extra good wash I use a soap that immediately soothes and tightens my skin. Best soap in my opinion hands down is Kiss My Face.

A couple good extra tips would be after any hot shower or day in the sun drench a washcloth in ice-cold water to close up those pores!! Heat opens them up allowing oils to settle. Imagine taking a hot shower and then going the entire day without closing them up. Not good.

Also I highly recommend limit your makeup. You are beautiful!! Not allowing your skin to breathe could keep you on a rollercoaster of irritated skin. Once in a while go at least a day free of no makeup. Do the honey mask and give your skin some TLC. Remember Less IS More.


* All opinions are honest and my own. I  can not guarantee this will work for you, but simply share what works for me. Please do test on your hand first.




6 thoughts on “Natural Skin Care

    1. Hi there! I absolutely recommend this for guys as well. 😌 In my opinion sticking to this can really make a difference on any skin type. Great part for guys and girls is there is no scent for “woman” or scent for “men”. Just an over all natural skin care open for all looking to heal there skin in the most affordable natural way as possible. Eliminate the other stuff and stick to this and I think you will be amazed at the results!

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