The Hidden Bully

Be stronger than your excuses.

Lately working out has gone from 0 to 10 in my life. Meaning I now take almost two hours to stretch, foam roll, isolate my muscles and workout. No more just walking eating chocolate as my daily workout haha. I know the workout time may seem like a long time, but to me it’s just dedication to reach my goal. A healthier me.

It takes a lot to tell my mind to keep going even with my body crying to stop. But I push through. I tear the muscle to build bigger, stronger muscle. My goal is first strength. To heal my body by working on my muscle in the most natural way possible.

Challenge time:

Think about what you are trying to accomplish in life. Now don’t let others get you down. And always remember to keep an eye out on your hidden bully. Your excuses. Don’t let your excuses stop you from your goal. You can do it!

All you need is love, positivity and fairy dust šŸ˜‰

Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “The Hidden Bully

    1. For me personally its my goal. Having my goal set I can see it slowly becoming reality which pushes me further to accomplish it and do my best.

      Now don’t get me wrong I’m human and I have days where I don’t want to or skip. What keeps going extra is putting on cute workout clothes and watching motivational workouts on Youtube to keep things fresh in my workout.

      Those three would be my main things to keep working out.
      Goals, cute workout clothes and Youtube videos that inspire me to keep trying new things.

      Btw!! What will make everything easier is finding out A your goals and than how to achieve them. I want to build muscles so im using weights. Some want to get lean so they dance. Some want to burn fat so they do cardio. Find what workout you are most passionate about. It will help a ton!!

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