Brushing Your Hair With Wood?!

Prepare for impact. Seatbelts on. Grab your brushes and keep reading.

Lets talk hair brushes and what you may be doing to you hair that is very damaging. I know change is scary but I am here to make that transition easier!

For a little over a year now I have made the switch to a bamboo wooden brush. NO plastic. NO metal.

Before my journey to holistic beauty I used plastic brushes like everyone did. Split ends were being caused left to right even more: due to plastic and metal bristles yanking my hair.

And than my switched happened. I became a wooden brush owner. And it took a lot in me to drop my plastic brush in the garbage. It was what had been so familiar to me. After almost two years on a wooden brush I have never gone back.

My hair feels and looks so much better! Hands down completely worth it.

And who wouldn’t want a brush that feels like it is massaging your scalp? It’s the most relaxing feeling.. while having a purpose! Two for one. Yes, please:)

Wooden bristles help blood flow to the scalp. Encouraging hair follicles to grow.

First time I used a wooden brush I was on the fence. Why? Change. But having healthy hair is well worth getting rid of something that is actually doing you no good. I call them hidden enemies.

And frizz has completely been under control much more than before!

The wooden brush I use is: Bass Bamboo Extra Large Oval Brush with Wooden Bristles.BSH-10298-1

I got mine off of iherb. And no it’s not some million dollar brush. Super affordable and great quality.

So think about it. Are you up for the challenge? Throw your damaging brush away and do something small that can better yourself in a big way.

Let me know if you all have used wooden brushes before down in the comments!

**all opinions and thoughts are my own. Not sponsored.**


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