The Silly Trend

Breakfast in your hair?? Eat it don’t wear it.

Lets talk scrambled eggs. There is a new hair mask trend of rubbing raw eggs all over your scalp. You might have just made a face. No shame. I have and still do thinking about it.

I’m all for hair masks. And many may claim eggs work because of protein, but what do I think?

When I do a hair mask I want an at home spa treatment that is affordable and smells amazing. I want a mask full of beautiful hair growing oils. As well as having natural results! Not a mask full of eggs.

Do you want an experience of stinky raw eggs to bring along a headache? It promises to dry nice and crusty! Oh don’t have a plate for your breakfast? No problem the hot water from the shower will cook your eggs in your hair for you.

Now I’m a different kind of blogger and though I do find a lot of humor in this post I don’t want to jump along on every trend because it’s popular.

I want to bring my followers to things I truly believe in. So for those looking for a great hair mask I got exactly that!

The Herbal Hair Mask by the Innate Life is the BEST natural mask I have ever found. I’ve mentioned them before but lets talk a bit more about this specific product.4_OZ_HAIR_MASK_1024x1024

I love The Innate Life. I’m very passionate about their products. Seeing natural chemical free results makes a huge difference.

So after about 4 months of using this I wanted to talk a bit more in-depth about it.

It’s one of those things that I can’t get enough of. It is amazing for styling and fighting frizz. If I ever even think of curling my hair or braiding it I always apply it to keep it nice and smooth without the greasy effect.

But my favorite thing about this mask and all its benefits is massaging it all over my scalp and ends. It smells better than any rose garden I’ve been too. It washes out so well with little shampoo too. And best of all is the results!!

These last couple weeks I’ve really started using it more and more. I’m noticing my hair is getting sooooo incredibly soft and knot free. It adds shine and restores my hair with natural goodness.

And dare I say my hair is growing a ton more lately! And for any one with fine hair don’t you worry. This mask is incredibly light and airy.

To see all of its natural goodness ingredients I’ll put a link right here:

Herbal Hair Mask

I hope this post all gave you a laugh as well as really helping you to avoid the trends and focus on the over all package.

I mean I want a natural, full of oil benefits, and smell good rose garden kind of products. I want to see results in the easiest way! Is that too much to ask?? Nope. Thanks to The Innate Life.

* Note. All opinions are honest and of my own experience.


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