Treat Your Head

I’m putting up my stop sign! I can’t stand when some trends blow up and no matter how silly it may be people gravitate towards it. Some are being seriously misguided in a dangerous way!

That’s why I’m here. To eliminate through the rubbish and harsh chemicals. To deliver natural substitutes. To let you embrace the best you naturally!

So lets talk head massagers. Those spider looking contraptions.00064957-02

I have been using one to massage my head almost daily to keep good circulation in my scalp. Goal is hair growth!

Besides this being extremely relaxing and maybe even a headache reliever..the head massager has awesome benefits.

I’m a huge hair massager believer. I usually massage by hand with my oils but adding this at night has added to my continued hair growth.

Some benefits:

Increases circulation to the scalp.

Promotes hair growth.

Helps strengthen the roots of hair

Distributes natural oils evenly

Can relax the neck muscles

Helps for a good night sleep

Helps dry scalp and dandruff

That list could go on and on. Lets talk my results. Personally it has been amazing for me! For about one minute before bed I’ll use it. Moving it all over my head.

I noticed when I stopped for a week or two due to distractions and forgetting, it felt like my hair just stopped growing. It has gotten much longer but suddenly the process wasn’t as fast. I started back up again and boom! I’m noticing my hair starting to get even longer!

Can I also mention the amount of volume in my hair when I do use it. I usually head massage with my head pointing down to double circulation.

Ok so what does this cost? This is honestly the cheapest hair growth tool in my opinion. You can get them some places as much as 2-3 dollars! Can you say savings??

You can find this one: Here

Maybe that is why this isn’t trending. It wont be a trend unless it makes you waste tons of money for a fancy name and packaging. The actual product means more to me any day. This is something I can stand by!

Let me know down below if this is something you have or are going to try:)

Hope you all enjoy these hair blog post and hoping to add some new fitness blogs coming up! We shall see:)

*Please note all opinions and thoughts are of my own. This is what works for me and I am here to share my experience.



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