Blended Health

A healthier me is happening!

Building muscle right now is key for me. I am doing all I can on a steady pace to see my goals happen. I want a stronger me!

On top of that smoothies consistently have become a part of my journey. I have restless legs due to lack of certain vitamins so I am making sure I get them in the most natural way!

Today I want to share a really delicious smoothie recipe. Now let me tell you doesn’t look pretty. It’s basically Shrek snot haha. And the face my husband made when he saw the bright green drink was priceless, but after one sip I was quickly in his arms getting kisses 😉 It is SO good!

Get your blender and put:

2 Bananas

2 big handfuls of spinach leaves

A couple of pieces of frozen pineapple chunks

A splash of water

And a splash of vanilla cream

That’s it!! Blend nice and smooth and drink away. I honestly have been loving this smoothie and couldn’t resist not sharing!

Let me know down below what your current healthier you goals are and what’s your favorite smoothie? I might just have to try it out!



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