Eliminating Plastic

If you could eliminate plastic use even more..would you? Well lets start with eliminating plastic one sip at a time!

Today I’m talking about glass straws. I got these great glass straws from DrinkingStraws.glass!

So I am still going strong on my smoothies every morning. And after a few days realized I needed a straw to cut sensitivity happening on my teeth.

I looked through the kitchen and found a cheap plastic straw. While it helped my smoothies go down better it didn’t help my conscience! I wanted to use glass straws just like my love for glass bottles.

The hunt began and I came across this sweetest company. Customer service is amazing and the custom accents you can get made going plastic free cute and dare I say trendy:)

By going with glass you are eliminating plastic in its simplest form. Plastic is not good for our bodies. It is full of chemicals that can bleed into our drinks. Causing concerning health risk. So by making even this small change you are bettering a holistic lifestyle!

I love my glass straws. I love that they came with a cleaning brush too. And Mom’s out there..this could be a fun way for kids to get in more water! They have tons of cute accents that are kid friendly!


Definitely check them out here:


Let me know down in the comments if you find drinking smoothies through a straw beneficial in cutting teeth sensitivity!

*All thoughts and opinions are honest and of my own ❤


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