Love Simple Beauty

Did you listen to your body today? Did you replenish it with what it craves?

Did you add the most simple beauty secret or did you replace it with something your body didn’t even ask for.

After this post I think you will think differently of the simplicity of water. Yup, I said water.

Summer is right around the corner and so many will get tans to make their skin glow. Many will have to buy lotions for dry skin. Lips may get Continue reading

Hair Boxing

It’s happened. A giant vicious tumble weed has engulfed your hair. Girl troubles.

Lets talk the dreaded knots we all have faced. We wake up from a good night of rest, take a look in the mirror and sigh as we claw at the clusters of hair that are tied as if they were in a fight. Yes, hair boxing is a thing.

I’m sure you know ripping your hair with your brush is a big no no. It can cause unnecessary Continue reading

Treat Your Head

I’m putting up my stop sign! I can’t stand when some trends blow up and no matter how silly it may be people gravitate towards it. Some are being seriously misguided in a dangerous way!

That’s why I’m here. To eliminate through the rubbish and harsh chemicals. To deliver natural substitutes. To let you embrace the best you naturally!

So lets talk head massagers. Those spider looking contraptions. Continue reading

The Silly Trend

Breakfast in your hair?? Eat it don’t wear it.

Lets talk scrambled eggs. There is a new hair mask trend of rubbing raw eggs all over your scalp. You might have just made a face. No shame. I have and still do thinking about it.

I’m all for hair masks. And many may claim eggs work because of protein, but what do I think?

When I do a hair mask Continue reading

The Hidden Bully

Be stronger than your excuses.

Lately working out has gone from 0 to 10 in my life. Meaning I now take almost two hours to stretch, foam roll, isolate my muscles and workout. No more just walking eating chocolate as my daily workout haha. I know the Continue reading

Natural Skin Care

Okay are you ready to avoid a beauty post full of chemicals with pretty packaging? If you’re looking for a glittery skin care smelling like cotton candy well I can’t help you there. It goes against what I believe in.

This is a natural simple skin care that really works for me. Didn’t your mom ever say to you,” Less is more”? Well Continue reading

Bridges Over Trials

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”- Jim Rohn.

Nothing in life comes without bridges and hills. Trials will face us. We have to make that decision to conquer through them. To aim for our desires and goals no matter how hard it gets.

Goals give a purpose and makes you feel like you are moving towards positive things in life. Goals Continue reading