Natural Skin Care

Okay are you ready to avoid a beauty post full of chemicals with pretty packaging? If you’re looking for a glittery skin care smelling like cotton candy well I┬ácan’t help you there. It goes against what I believe in.

This is a natural simple skin care that really works for me. Didn’t your mom ever say to you,” Less is more”? Well Continue reading

Natural IS Beautiful

Today I’m going to share something very personal to me. Something that I have gone through and something that has helped make me feel beautiful in a natural way.

I have Graves disease as well as Hyper thyroid. Regardless of what doctors say God is working in me. The great Physician and He will do a miracle. I’m already doing so much better thanks to Him!

Well when I was first finding this out I was losing a lot of hair. That didn’t help with self-esteem. Continue reading